About us

Parkingware: from parking to charging with green energy.

We believe that the word “parking” is going to be replaced by “charging” in the future. The vehicle itself makes the reservation (Internet of Things), start contactless charging itself and the energy comes from the sun.


New opportunities arise due to the increasing number of electric vehicles and declining cost of solar energy. From parking cars to charging cars. Charging by using the sun!


Because of the shortage of charging points now, and by the direct communication between vehicles and charging points in the future, the focus of Parkingware will be on online reserving of charging points. Reservations will still happen via app or web, but eventually the car will make reservations itself (Internet of Things).


“Reserving” is the key to smart and efficient energy management in and around parking facilities.


Parkingware helps individuals, businesses and building owners to better use their parking place, by generating their own sustainable energy on-site and by charging electric vehicles. We do this with our product, the Parkasol design solar carport, the power manager and through our power sharing service. We shall support you with the design, construction, financing and maintenance of your (solar) parking.


Producing your own clean energy by using the sun at your parking place, is now a reality. Imagine how you can use this energy in your business or at home, for charging electric cars and illumination of your parking place with LED lights. Think of the possibility to drive to and from work on solar energy, while your car is parked in the shade.