The new way of charging


We believe that the word “parking” is going to be replaced by “charging” in the future. The vehicle itself makes the reservation (Internet of Things), start contactless charging itself and the energy comes from the sun.


“Just go to the gas station to fill up” will change. You do not want to go somewhere to charge. You want to charge where you are, at home and at work. Where you charge, you also want to generate your energy. The solution we provide in a free E-book, is a solar carport. The so-called Parkasol, with solar panels and charging station for electric vehicles.


Make money with the PARKASOL® Solar Carport


This free e-book is the first step in our mission to “make charging of electric vehicles simple, reliable and durable in locations where vehicles stop for more than two hours.” In the next e-book we are going to explain how an existing EV charging station can be linked to our reservation platform. By connecting to our reservation platform drivers can easily find the best local chargingpoint and make a reservations from a smartphone or PC. The chargingpoint owners decide the price and availability. In this way we ensure that electric vehicles can always be on the road with a full battery.


To make it easier for you, the PARKASOL is also in a Do-It-Yourself wood pack available


Kind Regards,


Gerard Spin


Founder Parkingware




With the 5300 Kwh per year of the 20 solar panels, you drive green, 26,500 electric kilometers per year.